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Germany and Jewish life from ancient times till nowadays

1st day

Arrival in Cologne.

Transfer to your Hotel in the heart of Cologne. Dinner at a typical restaurant and ending our first evening with a good, small beer, the Kölsch, in a pub

Overnight in Cologne

2nd day

After the breakfast we dive into ancient times: the first traces of Jewish life in Cologne, that started off as a Roman colony, a visit to the Roman-German museum and to the great Cathedral of Cologne.

At noon we take on the German highway, the Autobahn, to Mainz to visit in the afternoon the Synagogue, the Mikwe and the Rashi house as also the Old Jewish cemetary, where Jewish life in the Middle Ages in Germany comes alive.

Dinner and overnight will be in a hotel in Mainz.

3rd day

We will leave Mainz after breakfast to visit the Wartburg, where the reformator Martin Luther went into hiding, to cope with the influence of Luther’s reformation on Christian belief, on German society, and his relations with the Jewish people

To relax we will see also the city of Eisenach below the Wartburg before going on to Berlin, where we will have dinner and stay in a hotel in heart of West-Berlin

4th day

After breakfast the great palaces of Potsdam and the Dutch quarter will be a first goals for the day before we get a first glimpse of Berlin from the water side with a boat trip.

In the afternoon you can visit one or two of the great Museums on Museum’ Island.

We will have dinner and stay in a hotel in heart of West-Berlin.



5th day

After breakfast we will tour the core of Berlin: The Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the memorial of the Jews exterminated in Europe, the boulevard Unter den Linden, train station Friedrichsstraße, Alexander square, the portal of the synagogue in Oranienburger Street and the Jewish quarter in the Hackesche Höfe.

In the afternoon we will visit the former concentration camp of Sachsenhausen

We will have dinner and stay in a hotel in heart of West-Berlin.

6th day

Is your free day in Berlin. You have time for example to visit the Jewish Museum, the Zoo, for shopping and relaxing.

We will have dinner and stay in a hotel in heart of West-Berlin.

7th day

We depart to Berlin Airport for your flight back home.

The tour can be customized and adapted for one person, a family, a small group and cutomized to your interests. 

Berlin, remembrance church of emperor Wilhelm

Meet Israel's people, its culture, history, present, and nature

Day 1
Upon arrival at the airport, the guide  greets us. We take a coach to the modern heart of Israel the city Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The dinner at the hotel rounds off our arrival day. Overnight stay in Jaffa.


Day 2
For breakfast we go to a small hummus restaurant. Strengthened by this typical oriental snack, which usually saturates for the whole day, we stroll through the narrow alleys with artist galleries in the old town of Jaffa, visit St. Peter's Church, as Peter worked in Jaffa, hear the Greek legend of Andromeda, and delve into the beginnings of Zionism. Then we walk from the mother city of Tel Aviv over to Tel Aviv and relax, for example, with a coffee or a cold drink at the historic railway station - HaTachana. In the Neve Tzedek district, we see the beginnings of modern Israel, also influenced by Bauhaus architecture, for example, on Rothschild Boulevard, where the State of Israel was declared in 1948. During a conversation in a Reform synagogue, we will discuss Judaism in general and Judaism today in Israel with a rabbi. A bus takes us back, and after dinner at the hotel, we spend another night in Jaffa.


Day 3
After a Mediterranean breakfast, we leave Jaffa and travel by coach along the Mediterranean coast northwards to Haifa. In this city of coexistence of Israelis, Jews, Arabs, Christians, and Muslims, we first walk through the former German colony, from which Haifa became a city. The view from the Street of Beautiful Views - Jaffe Nof over the Bay of Haifa is unique, as well as the splendor of the Bahá'í Gardens, another monotheistic religion that has its center in Israel. The Monastery Church Stella Maris is built over a cave where the prophet Elijah is said to have hidden from God's judgment on Mount Carmel. It's almost impossible to have been in the Middle East and not eaten falafel or shawarma; therefore, we'll have lunch at just such a snack bar. Then we continue to the Western Galilee to Bustan HaGalil, a coexistence garden cultivated jointly by Arab and Jewish Israelis, to discuss the relationships between Arabs and Jews in Israel. In the evening, we reach the medieval port city of Acre and will have dinner and overnight stay at the youth hostel there.


Day 4
After breakfast, we walk to the Old City of Acre, where we stayed overnight, and see the fortress, the tunnel, as well as alleys and buildings left by the Crusaders, tracing the footsteps of the Ottoman ruler of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Ahmad Pasha al-Jazzar, who contributed to its economic prosperity, leaving behind the White Mosque and resisting Napoleon. The next leg of the journey by coach takes us to Nazareth and the Annunciation Church, adjacent to a typical shuk (oriental market), where there will be time before we arrive in the evening at a kibbutz in the area of the Sea of Galilee, to have dinner and overnight stay in the kibbutz hotel.


Day 5
At breakfast in the dining hall, we experience one aspect of kibbutz life, communal meals, then engage in a discussion and tour about the history of the kibbutzim and specifically this kibbutz on the border with Jordan and Syria. In the morning, the bus climbs up from the Yarmuk Valley to the southern Golan Heights. The view from the Peace Overlook - Tazpit laShalom over the Sea of Galilee below us highlights how close everything is in the Middle East. In the afternoon, we visit the Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, both places where Jesus is said to have had a strong presence. We will spend another night in the kibbutz.


Day 6
After breakfast, we head to Beit Shean, one of the Roman Decapolis cities, with the amphitheater and the even older Tel, where King Saul's body was hung after he was defeated by the Philistines. The year-round 24-degree warm springs in Sachne or Gan HaShlosha, the Garden of the Three, are simply a gem, a small paradise where you can relax and unwind before our longest stretch of travel down the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea. At the foot of Masada, we will have dinner at the youth hostel there or at a nearby hotel in Ein Boqeq for a relatively short night's rest.


Day 7
Because even before sunrise, we climb up the Snake Path (2km long, 700 steps, 350m altitude difference) to the fortress of Masada. After sunrise over the Jordanian mountains and the Dead Sea, we ponder the question of what it means that Masada will never fall again. After the guided tour, we descend by cable car to have breakfast at our accommodation. Then we float on the Dead Sea. In the afternoon, a simple hike in the Ein Gedi oasis along the David Stream rounds off our day before we spend another night after dinner at the Dead Sea.


Day 8
After breakfast, we head up to Jerusalem. From the Mount of Olives, we walk through the Garden of Gethsemane and the Lion's Gate into the Old City of Jerusalem, with the Western Wall of the Temple, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Jewish, Armenian, and Christian quarters, the Zion Gate, the Jaffa Gate and more. During a conversation at the Church of the Redeemer, we learn more about the lives of Christians in Israel. We will have dinner and overnight stay at a hotel in Jerusalem.


Day 9
This morning, we speak with a Holocaust survivor before visiting the museum at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. The afternoon is free for our own explorations in Jerusalem, where we will also spend the night again.


Day 10
Until noon, we will be in Bethlehem, visiting the Church of the Nativity and the Old City. At lunchtime, there will be a typical Palestinian lunch with a discussion about living in proximity to Israel. Our journey through Israel ends with a conversation with an Israeli author about Israel, today and tomorrow, where all questions that have remained unanswered so far can be asked. Our last day also ends with dinner and overnight stay in Jerusalem.


Day 11
We will be driven from Jerusalem to the airport in Tel Aviv for our return flight.

This tour can be tailored according to your ideas, contents and expectations. 

Dome of the Rock and the WEstern Wall in Jerusalem

Luther and the Reformation in Augsburg

Our search for traces of Luther and the Reformation begins in St. Anna. The reformer stayed there from October 7th to 20th, 1518, while defending himself against the papal envoy Cajetan during the Imperial Diet from October 12th to 15th, 1518. Particularly due to alternating dominance between Catholics and Protestants from 1537 to 1643, double churches like the Holy Cross Church emerged. Luther met a member of the Welser family at the Peutingerhaus on October 10th, 1518, who, like the Fuggers, opposed the Reformation because Luther attacked the merchants and monopolists. The Augsburg Cathedral remained ultimately Catholic unlike the Barfüßerkirche. The city council had both an evangelical and a Catholic overseer. The city architect Elias Holl suffered from the upheavals of the Reformation. Not only were churches shaped by the Reformation, but there were also artworks that opposed it, such as probably the Turamichele in the Perlachturm and the portal at the Zeughaus. Although St. Moritz Church remained Catholic, the Fuggers were patrons of the preaching position, but sermons were delivered in German there. And Elias Holl managed to integrate a Catholic and an evangelical church into the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. In our search, we also delve into the Augsburg Confession, which in 1530 attempted to find a modus vivendi between Catholic and Protestant rulers.

Sankt Anna Church, Augsburg, Germany

Culture, landscapes, Jewish life
in Bavaria and Austria

1st day

After your arrival in the Munich Franz Josef Strauß airport, you will be brought to your Hotel in the heart of Munich. A dinner at a typical German-Bavarian restaurant will be your start to the days in Bavaria and Austria

Overnight in Munich

2nd day

Today we explore the historical development of Munich in the Old City with the famous Maria’s square, Marienplatz and the cathedral of Our Lady, Frauenkirche. We will follow some Jewish traces like of Kurt Eisner, the Bernheimer Haus. Being in Munich we can’t leave out to deal with the Nazi Time, where the party was founded, where the Putsch failed, where the Munich agreement was conducted. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, Bavarian ist the first letter of BMW, of cource we will neither miss out on the BMW museum nor on the Olympic stadium of the 1972 Olimpics

Overnight in Munich


3rd day

The dreams of King Ludwig II became true in the castle Neuschwanstein, so we will go there. From the highest hill top of the Bavarina alps, die Zugspitze, you will have a great view, if the clouds allow it, and a small walking tour „on the roof of teh clouds“ is always worthwhile.

Overnight in Garmisch Partenkirchen

4th day

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart allowed us „to fly“ on picture and stories amde from Music; Austria and Bavaria were politicly close, both are close in culture and language. And exactly this you will see when visiting Salzburg, the Austrian Mozart city, before we arrive back in Munich in the evening

Overnight in Munich

5th day

Today we will deal with the darkest time in German history. On the one hand teh students of the White Rose stood up against the murderous dictatorships in Munich, but could not stop the horrendous extermination of Jewish life and lifes of which the former concentration camp of Dachau was part of.

6th day

Your last day in Munich is your free day maybe to the treasures of the Residence or classic art in the Old Pinakotheque or modern art in the modern one or just to relax in the English garden after exploring the shopping streets Maximilianstraße, Kaufinger and Neuhauser Straße, Overnight in Munich


7th day

Hopefully after great advendtures, filled with endless impressions we depart today to the airport for your flight back home.

The tour can be customized and adapted for one person, a family, a small group and customized to your interests. 

Munich, new city n Maria's square, Marienplatz

Experience the enchanting beauty of the Black Forest, known as Schwarzwald in German, on this 2-day tour 

1st Day:
Embark on our journey with a captivating tour through the medieval old city of Freiburg, immersing ourselves in its rich history and charming architecture. Following this, we venture to the largest lake in the Black Forest, the Schluchsee, where serene beauty awaits. An exhilarating trekking tour in the scenic area of the Feldberg will enchant us during the afternoon, before we retire for the night in a cozy hotel nestled in the Feldberg region.


2nd Day:
Today, we traverse the renowned high hill road of the Black Forest, the Schwarzwaldhochstraße, leading us to Hochberg, a hub of the famed Black Forest clocks. At midday, we leisurely stroll or take small pedal boats on the legendary Mummelsee, surrounded by mystique and folklore. In the afternoon, we embark on a picturesque hike to the awe-inspiring Gertelbach Waterfall, marveling at nature's grandeur. As evening approaches, we arrive in Baden-Baden, where the soothing spas, cherished since Roman times, offer a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

This tour is fully customizable to suit your interests, preferences, and the number of participants. Whether you're seeking adventure, cultural immersion, or relaxation, we can tailor the itinerary accordingly. Additionally, for those desiring an extra touch of indulgence, we can extend the experience with an additional night in a luxurious spa hotel in Baden-Baden, allowing you to unwind and pamper yourself amidst the serene surroundings of this renowned spa town.

Black Forest Clock house in the Bölack forest, Germany

A weekend in Tel Aviv
feel Israel’s history and vibrating, open minded modernity


Arrival in Tel Aviv.

Transfer to your Hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv near the great Medditeranean shore.

Typical Mediterranean dinner in a restaurant at the beach.

Vibrating evening in one of the top Tel Avivian pubs, bars

Overnight in Tel Aviv


houmus breakfast in one of the famous tiny houmus restaurants in Jaffa.

Guided tour in the art filled lanes of the Old City of Jaffa. Breathing the air of modern architecture and Israel’s birth in the 20th century in the white city of Tel Aviv.

After tasting, seeing and feeling Israel and Tel Aviv you have time to relax on the Medditerranean beach and in the evening to explore modern Israeli cuisine.

Overnight in Tel Aviv.


After a medditerranean breakfast in the Hotel you have time to visit one of the gerat art museums in Tel Aviv or to look for handcrafted fashion in Nachalat Shiwa and on Levinsky street or to strawl around in Dizengoff center or Azrieli mall like many Israelis like to do.

At noon we depart from Tel Aviv to your flight back home in the afternoon.

The weekend can be tailored to your preferences, desires, and interests.

Tel Aviv, Israel, sea shore
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