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About Us

Personal encounters, exchanges, dialogues can change the world

As you become acquainted with each other, a mutual sense of care develops. When there is care between individuals, collaborative efforts and creations emerge. Collectively, you contribute to a world that is more social, peaceful, cooperative, respectful, and shared.

Youth exchange, youth sitting on a lawn during a discussion - Jugendaustausch, Jugendliche auf Wiese bei einer Diskussion - חילופי נוער, נוער יושב על דשא בנשך דיוון

The Story of Dialog

Founded in 1993 by Ms. Hanna Tidhar and Mr. Joav Hacarmeli, Dialog has its roots in the initial German-Israeli youth exchanges experienced by both founders in the 1960s. Their involvement in German-Israeli exchanges and encounters persisted over the years.

Beyond their exposure and continuous work in exchanges, another crucial element contributed to the establishment of Dialog. Hanna Tidhar, having survived a forced labor camp in Transnistria during her childhood due to her Jewish background, was driven by the belief that no child should be deprived of their innocence. To prevent such tragedies from recurring, the idea was to foster understanding, exchange, and connection so that people would care for each other, collaborate, and create together.

The primary motivation behind creating Dialog was to provide a space for exchange, meetings, and encounters, aiming to safeguard the essence of childhood.


Since its inception in 1993, Dialog has facilitated student and youth exchanges across diverse fields such as schools, youth organizations, music schools, political/party youth organizations, social youth welfare, art schools, universities, religious congregations, football supporter groups, and more. Exchanges are feasible in nearly every field, catering to various interest groups.

In 1997, historian Michael Schwennen joined Dialog, contributing to its growth and impact.


Despite facing challenges during periods like the Intifada, the 2nd Lebanon war, and the conflict since October 7, 2023, Dialog persisted. Even when exchanges seemed impossible, the value of these interactions became evident. Participants not only demonstrated that exchanges were possible, albeit limited to a single country during challenging times, but also showcased the immeasurable worth of connections forged through encounters and meetings. People who engaged in exchanges developed a caring attitude towards those they met, deepening or renewing connections, and providing mutual support.


Since 2023, Dialog has expanded its reach, establishing a branch in Germany known as Dialog - Encounters, Travel, Languages.

The Dialog team

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